Beth Bowen
for MI State Representative


District and State-Wide Issues

I believe the business of government is to spend public money to help the Citizens of the State live better lives. Please contact me if you have a suggestion/comment/question about any of these or other matters. I am here to work for you.

Public Education

A community's public schools are the jewel of their future. The values and lessons taught to the children of the District should be supported financially and ideologically by the State. Our teachers are pillars of our community, instilling love of Michigan and of learning into our kids.

I believe the State government should make public school funding a priority. Lottery money use should be reevaluated alongside sales tax revenue to ensure our schools get the money that is earmarked for them. And then we should go further in funding because spending money on the future of our State is the State government's business.

Protecting Our Great Lakes

Protecting the Great Lakes and the connected environment is good for Michigan’s economy. Our tourism, farming, fishing and hunting industries all depend on a healthy ecosystem within the state.

Michigan has always had the honor and privilege to serve as a steward for one-fifth of the world's fresh water. Our Great Lakes represent not only the heart of our State by giving us our 'mitten' outline, they also represent us as a people.

The Lakes shape our work, our leisure, our communities, and our priorities. These are our Great Lakes.


The health of the People of the district must be paramount. The foundation of a good life is health.

Working with other members of the State House, I would like to support the Michigan Healthcare Bill of Rights (already introduced this session in the Michigan House). This bill would protect the People of Michigan and their health with guarantees about coverage, pre-existing conditions, fees, and more.

Lowering the cost of healthcare is a priority for all Michiganders.

Labor In Michigan

Unions built the vibrant middle class of Michigan. The ability for workers to collectively bargain for their rights with as much power as the corporations and government entities bring to the table--as well as the standards of quality that unions ensure with their trained and vetted membership--is vital to ensuring livable wages for hard work.

I believe we should repeal Right to Work and support Prevailing Wage. I believe that skilled laborers, educators, auto workers, teamsters, public employees, and all other unionized workers share the same vision for their members and that vision is a positive future for the State of Michigan.

Eaton County Home & Business Expo, Charlotte High School, April 14, 2018

Rural Broadband Access

Broadband access to the internet and world wide web is the public utility of the 21st century as electricity was to the 20th century. The opportunities presented to rural citizens through access to online education, banking, business, culture, and communication are unparalleled by any other source. Our farm communities rely on broadband service to run their increasingly automated farm equipment. Our small communities can open up new markets through ecommerce. And students of all ages can continue life-long learning with access to the web. A smart, planned, and funded plan for broadband infrastructure will be an investment in the future of Michigan.

Adult Education

Re-train and empower displaced workers

Michigan needs to be on the forefront of solutions for downsized and outsourced manufacturing workers. Our vision of the future will be a blueprint for other states outlining training and professional development that builds the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Tax Reform

Taxes should be collected from those who make a profit in this country. We need to close the tax loopholes that allow large corporations to drain the financial resources of Michigan into their own coffers—with no reinvestment into their company, their workers, or our State.

No longer should small businesses and individual taxpayers continue to shoulder the taxes which become an investment from which we can all benefit.


Quality of life depends on the maintaining the infrastructure we have built for our homes, our businesses, and our communities. The infrastructure of Michigan and our country was built by the desire to connect our vast country, improve business routes, provide opportunity for faster and better travel, and elevate the living conditions of all citizens.

Our roads & bridges, water & sewage treatment, energy & telecommunications systems were all built by the investment of America’s tax monies, giving our country a first-world standard of living. Telecommunications have connected even the most rural areas to the rest of the world. These advances benefit us all.

Transparency in Government

Everything a democratic government engages in should be public (except matters of national security that require secrecy). This is how a democracy remains of the People, for the People, and by the People.

Gun Violence

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting on Oct 1, 2017, Americans are once again thrown into the debate about freedom versus safety.

I believe that there can be a balance between the two when it comes to guns and other weapons. However, we have not reached that balance as evidenced by the daily gun violence in our country.

This is a difficult conversation, but coming to a better understanding of how to protect ourselves while remaining free will be of benefit to all Michiganders and Americans.

Small Business Support

Small businesses are the backbone of communities like ours. Supporting and allowing them to flourish helps strengthen not only the economy but also the community itself. Pride, self-help, and growth are hallmarks of strong small businesses.

Solar Energy Investment

The future of energy is represented not by fossil fuels but by wind, water, and solar powers. Eaton County especially is poised to capitalize on the new energy market and revenue that solar can bring to mid-Michigan. Solar panel arrays (large installations) are also soil, air, and water friendly because they represent no CO2 emissions, no chemical run-off, and the combination of solar panels with pollinater-friendly plants and deep-root grasses improve the soil and the adjacent crops. Row crops actually benefit from their combination with solar installations. Bee keepers can produce honey; soil carbon can be replaced; sheep can be grazed on grasses. All under the shade and solar panels.

What can I do for you?

This is not an exhaustive list of all the important matters in the lives of the People of the District.

Contact me to tell me what is important to you.