Beth Bowen
for MI State Representative

Meet Beth

Meet Beth


Beth Bowen’s love of our incredible Great Lakes State, its strong, caring people and incredible natural resources, have prompted her to step up and volunteer to run for Michigan District 71 Representative. Her background is firmly rooted in being a Michigander:

  • A graduate of Michigan Public schools and universities
  • An adult Educator in both college and corporate settings
  • A small business owner for over 10 years working in Michigan for clients such as Texas Instruments and J.D. Power & Associates
  • An employee of mid-Michigan area tentpole companies including Jackson National Life and Dart Container Corporation
  • A community organizer bringing civics education to the people of Eaton County
  • A spouse of a public employee
  • A mother of two children in public schools
  • A daughter of MEA members

Journey to Candidacy

Beth's decision to run for State Representative came from seeing the gap of communication and understanding between our State Legislators and the people they represent. Beth’s background as an educator and writer of technical material puts her in a perfect position to consider her audience in all things. Listening to the audience is the most important first step to determining the listener’s actions.

Beth lives in Delta Twp with her husband and two children.

I Believe In:

  • Honesty & Transparency of Government – Politicians must be open and honest in their communications with constituents, and let them know exactly what they are doing and how it affects the people and the communities they represent. I believe the role of government is to improve the lives of the People.

    Public Service: Elected officials must work for the people, and must be beholden only to voters, not dark money or billionaires. Public service is about selflessness
    --putting others and their needs first.

    Compassion AND Individual Responsibility: It is our responsibility to care for our most vulnerable, especially children, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and our veterans. We also must help those who have fallen on hard times to regain their abilities to support their families and contribute to our communities and our society.

    Equal Opportunity for All: Elected officials must govern fairly and without bias, providing equal protection and opportunity in education, work, commerce, marriage, and parenting.

If these are your values as well, then you have a candidate who will honestly represent you in Lansing.

 St. Patrick's Day Parade, Grand Ledge March 17, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Parade, Grand Ledge
March 17, 2018

Dedicated to Public Service

You can count on Beth to work for you and all District 71 and Michigan citizens. That means prioritizing the health and well-being of all citizens, and maximizing economic and financial opportunities for all.

Elected public servants must represent not only those who voted for them but also those who did not. The good of the most people should be paramount.

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